Biopolymers in Tissue Engineering

Biopolymers are widely used as biomaterials for the fabrication of medical device and tissue engineering scaffolds. Polymer scaffolds are drawing a good attention due to their unique properties like high surface to volume ratio, high porosity with very small pore size, biodegradation and mechanical property. They offer distinct advantages of biocompatibility, versatility of chemistry and also the biological properties which are significant in the application of tissue engineering and organ substitution. Tissue engineering is the immense area of research in recent years because of its vast potential in the repair or replacement of impaired tissues and organs. This analysis can target scaffolds as they are one in every of three most significant factors, as well as seed cells, growth hormones and scaffolds in tissue engineering.

  • Tissue engineering in regenerative medicine
  • Bone and cartilage tissue engineering
  • Nano delivery systems
  • Biopolymer methods in cancer therapy

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