Future Scope of Biopolymers and Polymers

Future of Biopolymers and Polymers demand the manufacture for brand spanking new materials is overwhelming. In search of novel advanced materials solutions and keeping an eye on the goal of property production and consumption, bioplastics have many potential benefits.  The main concerns for humans in the future can be energy and resources, food, health, mobility & infrastructure and communication. Polymers occupy an outstanding   role during this modern living. The use of renewable resources to produce bio based materials is the key for increasing resource efficiency. The resources will be cultivated on an annual basis, the principle of cascade use, as biomass will be first used for materials and so energy generation, a reduction of the carbon footprint and saving fossil resources.

  • Biopolymers in Stem-Cell technology
  • Ceramics and Applications
  • Biopolymers in drug delivery
  • Biopolymers in marine sources
  • Market growth of biopolymers

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